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I have problems with people in power who choose to be physically absurd; it's my visual perspective! Ariel Sharon for that reason alone is hard for me to watch or listen to with any respect. For many other reasons I just can't muster an affinity for the man. I feel his country in modern terms is a place founded on thousands of years of tradition but with no real rights to their current geographical location. That is other then they were and are successful as a military force in suppressing the Palestinian peoples and keeping the surrounding Arab countries at bay. Carving out what 'they feel' is a divinely and historically promised land. The rational is the loss of six million Jews out of the 50 plus million who died during World War II. That was a huge loss to their Diaspora. But did it warrant the eviction and suppression of the Palestinians? Do we give back all the world's holy lands to the original aboriginal inhabitants who first populated them? Should we give Mexico back to the Aztecs? Or old Armenia back to the Armenians?
Recently, a friend commented, "The Jewish survivors of World War II should have been awarded Bavaria." Ironically it seems much more appropriate after what Nazi Germany did to the European Jews.
It, is however, a mute point at this time; Israel 'is' and 'will be'!

But, Sharon is a metaphor for what I see as greedy and selfish about hard line Israelis! He looks the part and has demonstrated his excessive appetites for many years. Since his early adulthood he has been a ruthless warrior holding vengeance and brutality as his motto. No one can deny the inhuman counter plays of the Arab and Palestinian extremists to Israel's residence in this holy land. But the "eye for an eye" mentality does not work, and it never has. In the long term it merely propagates further hatred and violence ultimately solving nothing.

My stylized diorama/sculpture titled "Humpty Dumpy sat on a wall," is a cynical tribute to Ariel Sharon and his concept of the walling off of Jews and Palestinians so as to protect his people and force peace. Walls fall and don't really keep peoples apart or separate unless they choose to be so. Every wall of repression has a weakness and becomes a symbol fostering hatred and multiplying resistance. The Berlin Wall fell in 1999, the Mongols got through the many walls built in there paths to conquer most of the known world, and the barbed wire electrified fences of the Nazi concentration camps are now reminders and a tribute to the strength and will of the survivors of those monstrous times. How soon we dismiss the lessons of the past!

As the nursery rhyme says after Humpty falls, "all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Humpty together again!"

In the sculpture Sharon, and his wall, rest on a cut out shape in the form of the West Bank of Israel. This of course is where so much of the terror and aggression takes place in the struggle between Israel and its Palestinian population. The primary eight cities of Jerusalem, Ram Allah, Janin, Hebron and the others are indicated. The wall I use is exaggerated and inaccurate in its positioning. I took artistic license in its placement and it is solely intended to support the stylized naked Sharon while his wall begins to collapse under his excessive unhealthy girth.

Pringles, I was told were Sharon's favorite snack food! This was told to me by a major network television news person when he saw the figure I was modeling in clay for this piece. Reportedly, my friend said Sharon personally downs a whole container of the snack food at one time. I have eaten my fair share of Pringles and can not resist them either. Nor could I resist their inclusion representing gluttony in this sculpture.
The repeated heads cascading out of the chips can, of course, were fashioned after Edoard Munch's famous "Scream" paintings. They are intended to add to the black humor of what I truly hope is a darkly humorous and critical portrait of a sad mean-hearted man.

After all, you are what you eat!

Frank Williams,
April, 2005

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