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Hot Links, Monday Night Special at the al-Saa, 2003

Hot Links, Monday Night Special at the al-Saa (steel, bronze, oak, granite-100x104x66cm) the sculpture; and subsequently a digital collage of the same name, were completed in July of 2003. In the collage the sculpture is backed with a photo I took of a meat market in Havana, Cuba, that year.
What is it about?

The following excerpts are from:


On April 7 2003:
-A CIA informant, with access to information about Saddam Hussein's movements, said the Iraqi leader and his sons Uday and Qusay were meeting up to 40 senior officials in a bunker below a building at the back of the al-Saa restaurant, a stronghold of senior Baath Party leaders and military officers who live in
Baghdad's exclusive Mansur area.

-What is clear is that 12 minutes after getting his orders, flying at just below 20,000 feet, Colonel Swan unleashed two GBU-31 bunker-buster bombs designed to penetrate deep into the target before they exploded. Three seconds later he fired another two, but set on a 25-millisecond fuse, so they would detonate underground.

-All that was left of the al-Saa restaurant and its surrounds was a crater more than 50 meters wide and 20 meters deep. Yesterday relatives sobbed as they watched workers recover several dismembered and battered bodies of 14 residents they said were buried in the ruins.

HOT LINKS are a popular sausage prepared and served at Texas Bar-B-Q's and likely to be a favorite of George W. Bush.

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