1999. Bronze, aluminium. 170x75x57 cm
1986. Mixed media. 99x56x43 cm.

Doorman sculpture '99 and maquette '86

In 1985 I was approached by a young Houston, Texas business man to create a sculpture to be a present to be given to the former Soviet Union. This was of course during the Reagan / Gorbachov era of Glasnost!
The invitation was, I think, a spontaneous fantasy of this fellow’s after returning from a visit to Russia that year. I believe he felt empowered to push for such a grand gesture due to his excursion here to Moscow and Russia’s tourist venues around the capitol region. As I would learn in later years Russia and the Russian people are seductive, challenging, and provoke a desire to become involved. This young guy was hooked and I feel he wanted to endear himself to this intriguing place. And further his possibilities.
Well I took him seriously and pursued the request with my usual manic enthusiasm. I ultimately produced a model titled “Doorman”; having to do with the concept of opening minds and borders to embrace the family of man; breaking down the barriers of misunderstanding
“Doorman” did not make it as the young gentleman’s present! He had other fish to fry after recovering from his post trip euphoria. And, coincidentally, his twin brother took up sculpture shortly thereafter and produced and derivative version of my concept, which was not realized or presented to the Soviet Union, either.
|The model or maquette remained in my collection and made the ultimate trip to Russia when I moved here in 1993. However, the piece was damaged beyond repair in transit, except for the figurative portion. I ultimately took a mold of the figure and cast it in bronze for future consideration.
In 1999 I finished a sculpture titled “The Doorman” with the same universal concept in mind in permanent materials.
“The Doorman” is now in the collection of Art College No. 332, named for Karl Faberge’, in Moscow, Russia; where I have had my studio for the last fourteen years.

Frank Williams,
Moscow, 2007

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