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Table for Consideration
1995-2012. Mixed media. 100x90x70 cm
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Hat Rack
2009. Painted steel, stained & lacquered pine. 190x170x57 cm
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Conference Table
2009. Stained and lacquered pine, fir. 74x226x186 cm
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Wing Things
2003. Mixed media. 200x225x63 cm.
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Silly Tables
2003. Bronze, painted steel, wood. Sizes variable.
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2003. Painted steel, leather, aluminum. 168x49x44 cm.
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2003. Painted steel, leather, bone. 147x70x43 cm.
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Coffee Table
2000. Wood, paint, steel. 121x61x52 m.
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Table for Chairs
1998. Brass and wood (parket wenge). 80x200x150 m.
Two additional leaves, each 40 cm wide.
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Chairs for Table
1998. Brass and leather. 147x70x43 m.
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Chair #2
1998. Titanium. 168x49x44 m.
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Akright Table and Mirror
1998. Cement, steel, bronze, mirror.
Table: 80x100x40 m. Mirror: 80x80 cm.
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Casey Table #3
1997. Cement, steel, bronze. 80x100x100 m.
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Casey Table #1
1995. Ferro - cement, steel, bronze. 82x216x100 cm.
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Gibson Interior
1992. Mixed media.
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Candle Stand
1991. Steel. 153x51x51 cm.
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Coffee Table, Hitchcock
1991. Steel, glass. 46x122x61 cm.
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1990. Steel and granite. 112x46x33 cm.
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Table and Chair
1990. Steel and granite. 107x56x92 cm.
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Coffee Table, Tyler
1990. Steel, glass. 46x122x152 cm.
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Table of Contents
1989. Mixed media.219x92x153 cm.
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