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Nevs News, 1996

В«Winged Victory and other MasterworksВ»

The new exhibit of the American artist Frank Williams, opened in the Marble Palace (Russian Museum) in April, is to continue the project “Ludwig Museum inside Russian Museum”, started earlier by the famous collector and maecenas of Cologne, Germany.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1947, Mr.Williams graduated from the State University, Springfield, in 1972, where his first personal exhibits were held. Then he comes to Houston, Texas, where his artistic merits are finally formed.

“Living Plastics” would be perhaps a better word for the numerous scenic compositions, various objects, plastic symbols and genre sculptures by American artist.

Frank Williams’ artistic development can be traced from character sculptures typical of the American pop-art and photorealism of the 70’s to spaciously active installations filled with specific meaningful plastic symbols.

For the last three years Frank Williams has been working in Moscow being a foreign participant in the Russian art process. Not just a viewer! He fell in love with Russia, felt its pain and its problems.

Why then does Mr.Williams put up with this situation? Was it just an interest in Russian life or an American striving to overcome the difficulties of a childish American activism? In my opinion, so says Mr.Alexandr Borovskoy of the Russian Museum, the main reason is determined by the internal problem of Frank Williams artistic development. Most attractive to the artist was the idea of art as an instrument of social consiousness which is still strong in Russia. It was a certain contrast compared with the stability of art nature in American society.

The central space at the exhibit is devoted to works of namely the last few years. This exhibit is good evidence of what the artist has achieved and that which has always been central in art, irrespective of market demand.